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I'm Meg & this is my story

Portrait of Meghan Fenton

I grew up with a love for everything warm. Warm summer nights, warm soft light, warm hugs, and a love that makes you feel warm and cozy inside. 

I love to swim in the Bow river, travel the world, give my friends shitty stick & poke tattoos, create new cocktails, drink new cocktails, feel the sun on my skin, wake up slow, watch too many TikTok videos, ski with my siblings, watch the sunset, make dinner with my partner, collect sea shells, skate in the winter, watch Christmas movies in September, mother 50 house plants, think of myself as a mermaid, also think of myself as a flower fairy, thrift men's clothing, go to drag shows, drink chai lattes, host family dinners with friends, find new hobbies that I will be into for a maximum of 2 days then I'll forget about, crochet, rewatch the same 3 shows, use chocolate as a problem solver, spend way too much money on film


create art.

Film, digital & super 8 wedding photography

Located in Canmore & Banff Alberta | Available Worldwide

I've always been a storyteller. I communicate my point of view best through the art of  film.

Winter wedding, popping champagne
polaroid portrait
Morgan & Keegan-308.jpg

Super 8 captures the essence of the experience and brings it to life.

"but poetry







we stay alive for"

-Robin Williams

The love you share cannot be described or replicated, but it can be captured

Meghan Fenton-93_edited.jpg

I think one of the world's greatest achievements was learning how to freeze moments in time.


It has been my greatest


Banff wedding shot on film

The Value of

wedding in Banff

A photograph can take you through time to relive the moments you wish to remember.

They are an expression of joy, family, friendship, tears, laughter, excitement, and most of all



A safe
space for
love stories

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