I am here to place an elegant frame

around the memories that make your

special day funky & unique.

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Meghan Fenton

Located in Canmore, AB | Available Worldwide

I will help unobtrusively and accurately document the wonderful moments and memories that your special day will bring. Whether it be through documentary-style photography, or through a fine-art inspired, guided posing session with you and your partner, I will help create beautiful representations of the unique love you have for one another. 


There is more than one way to capture beautiful moments. With the integration of either digital or film style photography, how you want your wedding to be documented, is entirely your choice. I am open to communicating the benefits of either style of photography, so we can work collectively on curating an accurate portrait of your day.

My ability to connect and communicate with couples, allows me to maintain transparency to my creative process; whilst presenting an exciting, yet comforting experience, recreating the spark that makes your love exceptional and beautiful. 


It’s the most important day of your life.

The love you share cannot be described or replicated, but it can be captured